We first told you about Talenthouse.com, and we’re happy to announce that they’re out of their beta testing and now officially lauched!

With a vast network of aspiring artists and backed by renowned talent, such as Dr. Dre, Naomi Campbell, and the brains behind Adidas and Nokia, Talenthouse.com provides unique opportunities for people to showcase their works and creative abilities.

Unique to the Talenthouse.com platform is the “Creative Invite,” where an artist or brand invites the Talenthouse community to collaborate on a professional piece of work.  Creative Invites provide opportunities for emerging artists throughout the world to shortcut the usual career path by collaborating with established artists or brands and gaining recognition and compensation for their work.

“We believe that all artists of the world should have the opportunity to be recognized and compensated for their work” says Amos Pizzey, founder of Talenthouse. “That’s why we are here and why global brands and industry icons are supporting our vision.”Compensation?  We like the sound of that! $$

Talenthouse.com states that, unlike many other sites, they protect the artists’s interests and therefore do not take an ownership position in any of the artwork submitted.  The Talenthouse community and the participating artists individual peers are involved in determining the best work, with the final winner selected by the inviting artist or brand.

Today, Talenthouse.com is inviting you – that’s right, you – on these exciting new “Creative Invites” ventures with these hot celebs and big brands!  Here we go:

CI #1: Collaborate with Dr. Dre, legendary music producer, to find the next promotional video for his successful Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. This invite is open to all aspiring video/film makers interested in creating an artistic, hip and edgy 30‐60 second video clip that reflects Dre’s overall mission that “sound matters.”

CI #2: Naomi Campbell, internationally renowned supermodel, created two “Creative Invites” on Talenthouse.  The first: to find the next international fashion photographer. The second: to discover the next international fashion model, female or male.  The two winners from both categories will have the opportunity to work with a major fashion magazine.

CI #3Adidas wants you to customize a pair of Adidas iD2 goggles to be worn by Olympic athletes participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  The winner designers will be sent several pairs of the iD2 goggles, as the challenge also requires the designers to actually implement their design onto the goggles.  We wouldn’t want all those tobogganists to be without stylish goggles, now would we?

CI #4Nokia is looking for an outstanding videographer with an eye for talent and an ear for music to work on a high profile global entertainment project. Nokia and Talenthouse invite all videographers around the globe
to submit examples of their past work and the community will decide who gets to participate in this global one‐off.

Artists can log onto www.talenthouse.com to participate in the Creative Invites, so get those creative juices flowing!  And if you win, care to share the prizes with me?


Naomi Campbell and Dr. Dre, duh.