Oct 28th - Vigilant Monkey

I arrived early as instructed to The Vigilant Monkey launch party at SoHo hotspot Greenhouse, and as I entered the first floor of the club, by no surprise it was quite empty.  But, I wasn’t complaining because a sparce crowd means little to no wait at the bar. 

Since the guest were far and few, I grabbed a seat and got a chance to view a slideshow consisting of images and featured articles from the webezine and photos of The Vigilant Monkey team members at their most recent community efforts.  After sitting for about 10 minutes, I realized I’d watched the slideshow three times over and decided to take a spin about the room. 

Sadly there wasn’t much to see, as it was still very early.  Only one small area of the club was filled with an older and more mature crowd, not the usual that you see at these types of parties.  But then again, no one looked like the “normal” in crowd:  There weren’t any hipsters, divas or fashionistas, or widly dressed camera-hungry attention seekers.  There were, however, lots of other journalist and writers there who were quite easy to spot with their digital cameras hanging from their wrist.  Time was flying by, but not fast enough for me and my tell tale sign of my wanting to leave – the yawn – happened just a bit before 8pm. 

Fortunately, I was able to grab hold of the creative director and automotive editor, Alex Kalogiannis, who quickly directed me to the master behind the operation, editor in chief Melissa C. Navia.  She was incredibly exciting to speak to and her passion for what she does is very clear.  She described how she really wanted to build a site that did more than just deliver information about the world’s most pressing issues but to build an online community where poeple can discuss these issues and hopefully do something about them.
Just when I was about to leave, the DJ made an announcement (finally, some action!) about the silent aunction items, which included a 100 percent silk purse by Lady Moon, Cerca Trova jewelry, a Nina Ricii watch ,and a lunch with Mike Steinberg from The Bachelorette 13.  All of the evening’s proceeds went to Cancer Research, which I thought was very cool.
Since there wasn’t much happening on the dance floor and the crowd didn’t seem to be getting any larger, I decided to head out.  The Vigilant Monkey gets and A for effort, but they could have learned a thing or two from Socially Superlative about how to throw a 1-year anniversary party.  

– Jenaya S.