Oct 29th - Tommy Hilfiger Sp10

A private press viewing for Tommy Hilfiger’s Men’s and Women’s Spring 2010 collection was held at the designer’s showroom this past Thursday.  Public Relations Manager for Menswear, Diego Louro, and Senior Communications Manager, Melissa Lun, happily greeted press members as they entered the studio.

In the main area, a champagne table was set up for guests.  One side of the room showcased women’s clothing, while the other side consisted of menswear, beach towels, and swimsuits.  The Hilfiger runway show from September’s fashion week played on a large plasma television screen.  This was helpful for guests to better visualize how the clothes appear in everyday life.

The next room showcased the rest of Hilfiger’s collections.  Clothes, sunglasses, watches, purses, and shoes surrounded the center table, where more beachwear was displayed.  Louro explained that the concept behind both collections is a California, all-American state of mind.  For women, each garment is special enough that is can be worn on its own.  The clothes are feminine without being too girly.  The masculine influence of plaid shirts make this brand a constant stable in consumer closets.

The look book illustrates how Tommy Hilfiger’s designs are classic, original pieces of art that do not need to be over-worked or adorned with accessories.  Soft floral dresses and neutral tan, white, and black pieces give the women’s collection a cool, confident, and clean look.  The men’s collection incorporates the standard red, white, and blue colors in plaid and striped patterns.

Public Relations Assistant, Jessica Stambaugh, explained that next year marks the 25th Anniversary for the global brand.  One new element added this year is collaboration with designer Edmundo Castillo on the shoe designs.  Gladiator-looking sandals and heels are constructed with rope material.  This original concept seems to be one of the collection’s strong points this season.

As far as prices go, most items are generally affordable.  Taking into consideration the tough economy, shoes are sold for under $200, with runway accessories priced slightly higher.  Several holiday items will be available this winter, made in cashmere and denim materials.  Scarves, hats, wallets and ties can each be purchased for under $100.  The sole exception will be ten pairs of red Tommy Hilfiger ice-skates.  This limited edition item will be sold at the company’s new global flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

– Megan McDonough

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