The debut bespoke Fall/Winter collection of Norisol Ferrari was unveiled this past Sunday at Safe Harbor NYC.  Designer and brand namesake Norisol Ferrari entitled her collection, “The Beginning,” and displayed sixteen very different looks.  Dancers from Merce Cunningham, Joffrey, and other fantastic professional dancers modeled her eccentric line of women’s coats.  Starting the night off with complimentary wine, guests socialized and reveled in the unique setting surrounding them.  
The production as a whole was very theatrical.  Taking place one day after Halloween proved to be an appropriate choice, with both mood and décor reflecting the ominous theme.  Slow music composed in minor keys echoed through the speakers, similar to tunes one might hear while walking through a haunted house.  Lights remained dimmed throughout the show and smoke filled the room.  New York’s professional dancers each embodied a specific character, and their facial expressions, bold make-up, and slow moving strides added to the overall effect of the sinister evening. 
Magazine editors and other fashion insiders were seated in wooden chairs down the runway, giving every guest and up close and personal view of the detailed and hand-crafted garments.  Although the majority of the coats were black, each piece had a particular style and personality.  Ferrari uses luxurious natural fabrics and hand-makes every piece, leaving clients with a one-of-a-kind piece altered to their specific proportions.  Norisol incorporates her interest in ancient civilizations into her well-constructed, tailored coats.  
Norisol Ferrari was born and raised in New York City, beginning her fashion career at the young age of fifteen, where she interned at a button company.  Norisol has worked in both the United States and throughout Europe with Donatella Girombelli, Carole Little Furs, Katharine Hamnett and Gas Jeans.  In 1999, Norisol served as co-founder of 2BNN, a ready-to-wear line she launched with friend Nora Nardone.  Ferrari offers fittings for her garments in New York City and around the world.  

– Megan McDonough

Photos by Peter Ruprect.