I managed to swing by the Stella McCartney store on W. 14th for a preview of their lingerie collection.  Though it’s chilly out with the start of fall, the provocative lingerie is sure to leave any man hot and bothered!

Guests mingled amid all of the clothes, which made me incredibly concerned that the champagne and hor d’oeuvres were going to get spilled on all of the expensive clothes!  Fortunately, the guests in attendance were also clients of McCartney, so chances are they are less clumsy than me and know not to make a mess of themselves.

The clothes were impeccable as always, and I gingerly combed the racks so as to not hurt the delicate fabrics.  I also discovered the collection of bags being displayed at the rear of the store: “hobo” bags large enough to dump in everything you could ever need to change into for your night out, but chic enough to not weigh you down.  Eyeing one for a future purchase!


Stella McCartney
Meatpacking District
429 W. 14th Street