Your Personal Guide to Style: A Night with Urban Girl Squad and Your Stylist

On Thursday, December 3rd, 2009, Urban Girl Squad, a community-based social group for women in their 20s and 30s in New York City, hosted Your Personal Guide to Style in the Ava Penthouse Lounge at the Dream Hotel.

Guests were welcomed by Amanda Hofman, founder of Urban Girl Squad and Silfath Pinto, President of Sense Your Style LLC, an image consultant/wardrobe stylist known for her non-judgmental attitude and friendly demeanor.

The very stylish and engaging Silfath began the evening by assuring attendees that she is not Stacy London from TLC’s What Not to Wear and would not come to our apartments and force us to throw our entire wardrobe in the trash.  Instead, we could expect to work with the clothing and accessories already in our closets and be educated on making smarter purchases in the future.

During the interactive workshop (an introduction to the services Sense Your Style provides) we broke into groups based on “cool” and “warm” skin tones and later on, by body type, so that Silfath could provide more personal evaluations and recommendations.  In the process, we learned how to feel good about ourselves through the colors of clothing we wear and how to choose clothing and styles to flatter our individual body type.

Personally, when I shop for clothing and accessories, I am not thinking about colors that are necessarily best for my skin tone and end up reaching for the exact same colors (from t-shirts to dresses) over and over again, because they are safe and don’t lean towards a specific trend.  I was dreading the possibility that gray and brown are not a good look for me…

I had the opportunity to talk with both Amanda and Silfath over the course of the evening, while finding it hard to resist the jaw-dropping view of Times Square from the penthouse lounge of the Dream Hotel.  These lovely women not only put on a great event, but also provided the strong message that we were to “feel good about ourselves.”

I look forward to attending future Urban Girl Squad events.

– Leslie Richin

About Urban Girl Squad:

Amanda Hofman created Urban Girl Squad, a community-based social group for lively, bright and friendly women in their 20’s and 30’s in New York City, in January 2008 when she noticed that many young women in the city were quietly but eagerly seeking friendships with likeminded women in the city.

Urban Girl Squad creates opportunities for these women to meet each other during monthly events that take advantage of New York City.  Urban Girl Squad partners with exclusive, new, or unique locations to offer perks like meeting store owners and designers, tasting gourmet food and drinks, receiving individualized attention from popular venues and more – often at a reduced price (and with gift bags!).

The welcoming atmosphere at events gives women an opportunity to spend time with friends, meet new people and to try exciting activities that they may not try on their own.