Beyonce has the right idea to “put a ring on it.”  But not just any ring: your own custom-made ring!

On Thursday, December 3rd, CounterSketch Studio premiered its high-tech software system of ring design, for customers to custom-make their own rings, tailored to their exact specifications.  Taking place in the gorgeous Cooper Square Hotel, CounterSketch took over the Penthouse to demonstrate to their distinguished guests of retailers, partners, and members of the media to show how their jewelry design software works.

The hotel’s penthouse has probably the top 5 best views of New York City that I have seen to date: surrounded by low-rise buildings, you get a clear picture of the Midtown and Financial District lights skyline, across the East River, and the expansive sky!  Hint: Gents, this is the ideal romantic view for wooing a girl.

What makes the CounterSketch program so special, you ponder, as opposed to going into any jewelry store and picking out your favorite style?  It’s not just a matter of selecting the metal of the band and the basic 4 Cs (color, cut, carat, clarity) of the stone.  It goes far beyond that: technologically changing the width and weight of the band, the high of the stone placement, 3-D computerized viewing capabilities, adding personality into design elements, and even a way to see the virtual ring on a virtual hand with the nailpolish color of your choice!

I can’t even begin to describe how intricate this technology is, because it’s mind-boggling.  DeBeers, and probably Tiffany’s, have pretty involved ring design and selection processes on their websites.  But really, nothing beats the CounterSketch method of truly designing your own ring.  If you don’t quite have that perfect ring formed in your head yet, you can choose a style from their vast inventory selection as a starting point and make alterations from there. Play around and create tons of your own designs, from sophisticated engagement rings to flashy, blinging fashion pieces.

CounterSketch, part of GemVision, has teamed up with Stuller for this endeavor.  Stuller is the primary manufacturer and provider for most jewelry retailers, so it makes sense to go directly to the source for your own custom jewelry.  The relationship between these two companies is already forged so that the retailers that decide to invest in this technology does not need to worry about the labor behind the designs.  Once the pricing is set for your custom ring, you patiently wait for 8 days for it to come in!  So just think, with this whole CounterSketch package and some education on precious gems and metals, you could hypothetically set up your own jewelry shop!

I was completely entranced by the demonstration, and despite being technologically challenged, I feel that I could’ve easily navigated through the program myself.  They also had a demo of their iPhone application, which was a more simplified version of the program.  You can still go through the motions of altering the designs of your ring, but the images were shown in true size!  So, for example, you selected to see a size 7 ring with a 2-carat stone, on the screen would be the real-life size of the ring and gem!  And if you balance your phone on your hand just right and move the phone around, you can see it as it would be on your hand and how it “sparkles.”

Now the second step is just to find someone to propose.


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