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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED proved exactly why this saying rings true.  This past Thursday, December 3, the company’s Concept Store in SoHo hosted an intimate event allowing guests to view the new holiday jewelry collection.  Treated to champagne and healthy hors d’oeuvres, invitees were encouraged to take a tour of the decorative space.

Making my way through the long entrance room I was shocked to discover the reasonable price points of many pieces.  With several options under fifty dollars, women can create a look that expresses their individual style and personality.  In a tough economy, this is a strategic way to increase sales while maintaining customer satisfaction.  With so many different designs to choose from, I began feeling like a kid in a candy store.

Also located on the main level is the lounge, fully equipped with comfortable seating, spacious bar, and exhibition space.  This area is perfect for hosting special events, live video streams and exhibits in the fashion, jewelry, and interior design industries.  Leading to this area are manikins dressed in exquisite gowns, including one of my favorite designers, Kati Stern of Venexiana. Her black sequin dress immediately caught my attention.

Downstairs is another exhibition area with more seating and decoration.  Portraits of Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and other fabulous fashion icons line the walls.  This museum-like room has several opera hats and jewelry on display inside glass cases. An original dress worn in Phantom of the Opera took my breath away. The beading and lace provide the garment with an extremely elegant appeal.

There was just something about the ambience of the store that made me feel like a million bucks.  I couldn’t help but wish I could transplant the massive diamond-studded ceiling-to-floor installation leading to the lower level into my much smaller apartment.  For just opening this past summer, several other events have already taken place inside its doors.  Just one night earlier, Swarovski hosted a party for Vogue.

Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED currently has three collections.  Their Autumn Winter 2009/2010 Collection includes the Noble Collection and the Substance Collection, which features the Liquid Pearl, the Twisted Pearl, the Two-Tone Pearl, and the Clustered Pearl.  The Christmas Collection and the Basic Collection serve as the other two collections featured in stores and online.

Customers can join an all-access artistic club that links them with other creative professionals.  Their E-commerce Website even gives the option of customizing individual jewelry pieces.  The “Jewelry Store” sells ready-to-wear pieces that can be designed by the customer, while the “Elements Store” is the place to purchase loose CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements and other accessories.

– Megan McDonough

Gallery photos 1 – 8 by writer Megan McDonough.
Gallery photos 9 – 14 via Swarovski, offical event photos.

Dec 3rd - Swarovski