Just in time for the holidays, there is a festive new, limited edition vodka bottle brought to us by Belvedere!

Belvedere launched an online bar, Belvedere Bar, where Belvedere bartenders all around the world share their signature cocktail recipes, mixing tips, and blog updates.

Featured in the bar is a special edition limited bottle, Belvedere Silver.  Silver is Belvedere’s super premium vodka only this time in a supremely sleek and festive limited edition bottle.  Most notably, the Belvedere Bar features an original application that allows you to be your own bartender – simply select the preferred vodka, drink type and occasion to produce the desired cocktail.  Instant success!

A few of the bar’s key features include:

* Mixing Tips – Info on the methods Belvedere bartenders use to create the perfect cocktail, including must-have equipment that takes cocktail-making to the next level.
* Secret Tips – Presents insider advice on technique, such as ingredient preparation, garnishes and stirring tools.
* Home Bar – offers insight on how to properly stock an at-home bar, as well as tips and tricks for being an ever-charming host.

And much more!

“We are thrilled about the launch of the Belvedere Bar, and the opportunity to put coveted cocktail information out there for Belvedere Vodka fanatics around the world,” says Claire Smith, Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology. “Belvedere offers such an extensive range of luxury vodkas and we are excited to share our innovative recipes on a continual basis.”

Available through December only, the unique packaging is both chic and daring, and cleverly incorporates signature Belvedere branding set against a mirrored background for a modern look. The must-have accessory for the season’s holiday celebrations, Belvedere Silver’s refreshing design offers an exciting entertaining option.  Reflecting the spirit of the season, Belvedere Silver is ideal for a host/hostess gift or any holiday party.  Hint hint!

To find out more about the Belvedere Bar, and the variety of Belvedere products, visit  Check it out for yourself!

Happy drinking, and happier holidays!