Jan 14th - New Yorker 80th Annivesary

Walking across 34th Street, the huge, bright spotlight beams being shone from the entrance of The New Yorker Hotel could be seen from three avenues away!  The beams lead the way to their 80th Anniversary Party on Thursday, January 14th, 2010.

The early arrivals waited in the lobby of hotel to gather a crowd, and though the check-in process was a hectic free-for-all, it went by rather quickly.  People were ushered into the first, smaller entry room, where there was a mini gallery display.  Artistic photos of the hotel were on display with some brief highlights about the history of the hotel across its 80 years.

Guests were also able to take their own photographs “in front” of the New Yorker hotel: they had a green screen set up to stand where a photographer shot your photo and then printed a digitalized photo of you standing in front of the hotel on a glorious sunny afternoon.

There was also a photo opportunity with lovely ladies dressed in sequins and carnival-like feathered headpieces.  Other lovely ladies were standing by the entrance to the main ballroom in sexy bellhop outfits giving out chocolate cigars with New Yorker Hotel stickers on them for that extra classy touch.

In the main area, there were tables of munchies and finger foods, champagne glasses floating around the room, an open bar, and – most importantly – the epitome of classiness: an ice sculpture.  What is a fancy party without an ice sculpture??  This event’s ice sculpture was, of course, in the shape of the New Yorker Hotel itself, illuminated by colorful LED lights.

The full live brass band got everyone up and dancing, and everyone had a great time celebrating!  Congrats to the New Yorker Hotel, and here’s to another great 80 years!


The New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(866) 800-3088