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Fashion Week is coming up here in New York City (February 11th through 18th, 2010!  Mark your calendars!), and it’s time to look your absolute best! 

You’ve gotten a whole new wardrobe, splurged on fresh makeup, and made numerous hair and spa appointments.  But there’s one thing that may be beyond your grasp, and can come without warning: those horrendous zits and painful pimples!

Fortunately, you’ve got your hands on Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear Sore Pimple Gel.  Created with MicroClear technology, this salicylic acid acne treatment instantly cools to soothe sore pimples.  You know, those super nasty ones that pop up unannounced, right in the middle of your nose. 

Since we’ve got the inside scoop, this product is so spankin’ new that it’s not even listed on Neutrogena’s site yet!  Though it will be at your local drug store promptly.  Tried and true on myself as a guinea pig, it reduces the size, redness and swelling of sore pimples in just 8 hours, and on contact soothes the soreness that is tender to the touch.  Definitely something to keep handy at all times!

So since you’re prepare for everything else, make sure you prepared to attack these unwanted face craters, and have yourself a fabulous Fashion Week!


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