Jan 27th - East Village Winter Soiree

Last night Alphabet City’s Destination hosted the East Village Winter Soiree for professionals in the fashion, music, and entertainment industries.

Orchestrated by Sabrina Chapman’s public relations and events agency, Chapman explained her idea of creating a night where guests could network with each other while enjoying hot cider that was available for purchase at the bar.

There was nothing special about this event, but nonetheless, people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Half the crowd was invited and seemed generally confused about what was going on. The other half most likely consisted of patrons lingering after the bar’s happy hour.

Despite the chaos, Chapman was gracious and shared her enthusiasm by handing out gift bags.  Posh Fitness offered a voucher for one personal training session, worth up to $175.00.  Two tickets to the Off-Broadway show, The Complete Performer, and a flower card with envelope were also included in the gift bag.

– Megan McDonough