Feb 12th - Blood Manor Bloody Valentine

Just got back from Blood Manor‘s Bloody Valentine’s Weekend haunted house, which is why I’m still wide awake posting this review!!

Equally as terrifying and gruesome as their infamous Halloween house, the Blood Manor is back for a special weekend to terrorize the souls of lonely singles and bothersome couples alike.  We surely don’t want to spoil and fun and horrible surprises for you, so check it out for yourself!

Just one more night, Saturday, February 13th, is left to scare your loved ones.  And while it may be too late to find a Valentine’s day date,  it’s certainly not to late to get tickets.


Bride and Groom Skeletons

A Special Bloody Valentine’s Weekend

February 12th & 13th, 2010
7:30 PM – 2:00 AM

All are welcome for this passionate, if not quite so romantic, experience. Jilted lovers, despondent lonely hearts and those looking to hook up with a freaky last minute date will commune with slightly dysfunctional couples (you know who you are) to bury old relationships alive and/or memorialize their love.  There’s a razor thin line between love and hate and Blood Manor is the perfect marriage of attraction and repulsion.  Make mayhem the highlight of your Valentine’s Day Weekend!

The 2010 Blood Manor Valentines Day Weekend escapade begins the moment you arrive at this little bit of hell in Manhattan. Upon entering BLOOD MANOR, you pass through The Chapel of Death where you will become reluctant guests at an unfortunate couple’s unholy matrimony celebration (bring extra hankies!). Then it’s on to the Thunderdome where Mother Nature is joined by a high priest–talk about a natural disaster! The Insane Asylum features a couple that have been married for far too long and, let’s just say, it hasn’t exactly been wedded bliss… The Manor Chef will make a Valentine’s Day feast, and although it’s not the usual candlelight dinner you might anticipate on such a romantic holiday, you will find it ghoulishly innovative (and well-sauced…).

That’s just a sampling of the sinister smorgasbord awaiting you at Blood Manor – there’s plenty more where that came from – it’s a blood buffet! Adam and Eve will give you a glimpse into the first Valentine’s Day gone wrong in the Garden of Evil. For you insatiable men, a 3-D bedroom with three lovely (yet not entirely shy) ladies await. From sexy showers that aren’t quite what they seem, to Bordellos that have a new twist on lustful encounters, there is something for everyone in this sexy house of horrors. The Vortex Tunnel of Love has some spectacular laser effects that are sure to get your heart thumping and the Heartbeat Room will be pounding harder than ever. You can warm up in the cozy boiler room which has some sizzling characters running amok. For those of you looking for some help in your quest for love– Cupid is on the scene and, let’s just say, you can’t miss him…Ladies who might need some help getting ready for their Valentine’s date can visit the Beauty Shop of Horrors. Once the staff there gets through with you you’ll have all kinds of new excuses as to why he’s just not that into you.

There can’t possibly be a better way to spend Valentine’s Day. From the jaded, anti-Valentine singles to the couples who are looking to keep the thrill in their relationship and let’s not forget those on their first dates. If you can survive this horrifying display of love gone wrong, you can survive anything! It’s a surefire way to test your love or a terrific new reason to remain forever single.

Jim Faro, Mike Rodriguez and Jimmy Lorenzo, whose combined passion for all things spooky, created this lustful den of iniquity.  Sparked by insurmountable cravings for the macabre and decades of their own incredible Halloween houses, the trio have reached scary, sexy nirvana with this “special” BLOOD MANOR.

If Blood Manor doesn’t scare you into each others arms or make you glad you are single these guys just won’t be satisfied. In their twisted minds, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that should be savored by lovers alone-any old freak should be able to partake of the festivities!


Tickets: $25 at bloodmanor.com or $30 at the door
$40-$45 Special Valentine’s RIP Package: includes express entrance and a Valentine’s Surprise Gift.

Blood Manor
542 West 27th Street
btw. 10th & 11th Ave