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Feb 11th - Toni Maticevski


I was incredulous when the first model appeared wearing a floor length flowing silk tulle organza skirt. It was not the clothes but rather the model herself who blew me away.  I could not believe that any real person could be that tall or that thin. I really thought that she was an acrobat wearing stilts and I stared at her legs to check out this perception.

Immediately realizing that it is impossible to wear both high heels and stilts, I had to accept that the person in front of me was in fact real.  All of the models were excessively tall–even for models. Since they looked alike and had the same up swept hair style, to my eye the show resembled a herd of fifty foot tall giraffe women clones.

The clothes consisted of monochromatic shades of black, beige and gray. They were sheer. gauzy and flowing. The bland colorlessness was set off by sequins. I liked the combination of the colorlessness and the sparkles. It is not easy to make usually ostentatious sequins appear elegant; Toni Maticevski successfuly achieved this look. A black floor length dress embellished with sequins was the best outfit in the show. This outfit was described as a “black embroided bauble one piece drape evening dress.”

The “gold leaf sequin bra” does not coincide with my style. What can I say? I believe that bras are foundation garments that belong beneath shirts and should not be worn as shirts. Even the sequins could not redeem the “gold leaf sequin bra.”  It is a definite “no no” re the office – or any other public place.

– Marleen

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