Feb 12th - Antonio Azzuolo

The Antonio Azzuolo Fall 2010 Collection was held at Jack Studio, which I thought was almost further west than the Hudson River.  I live pretty far on the west side of Manhattan, but trekking here was like hiking across a concrete tundra!

Anyhow – while runway shows are always great because of the excitement, action, and drama of the catwalk and the anticipation of what the models will do and what outfit will come next, but on the other hand, I do enjoy these presentations where the models just hang out and look pretty for a while.  The models at the Antonio Azzuolo were even more interactive – they didn’t mind if people came up super-close to take their photos, or even pull them out from the line-up to do an individual photoshoot off to the side.

Most of the angular-faced men were wearing cowboy hats, which I thought was adorable (but that may just be the Westerner in me).  It contrasted the preppy look of the clothes of blazers, jackets, vests, and clean-cut sweaters.

Antonio himself came out from time to time, moving the models and adjusting their stances to make sure his outfits were properly being showed.  Other times he was talking to his guests or starring in a photoshoot himself.


Antonio Azzuolo (9)