Frank Tell Fall 2010 (12)

Feb 12th - Frank Tell


With photos!  Since I was too short to see the runway presentation live (but I swear I was on my tip-toes in the back!), here’s what I missed.  And I did miss a lot, because I thought it was just black and white, but there’s color!  Look at those transition spring colors of Easter blue and yellow – so cheerful!

Check out more in gallery below!

Photos via NYMag.


We hit up the Frank Tell Fall/Winter 2010 presentation at Milk Studios.  The presentation was held in one of the smaller studios without standing room, so me and my short stature had some issues seeing the show.  In fact, I could only make out the tops of the models hair!  Have some respect for short people – C’mon!

Anyway, from the little bit that I saw, it was true to Frank Tell’s typical monochromatic, black-and-white theme, on very structured and purposeful bodies.  The models strut around the small stage and patiently posed in the back for the reminder of the show.  Hopefully I’ll get a recap later on to see what I missed…

Until the pro photos are up, here is some back-stage coverage from

But fortunately, the audience itself was quite a spectacle to see!  Everyone was dressed very trendily with black leggings being the over-arching theme for women.  Lots of poncho/cape-like outwear to keep warm.  And I think I’m noticing a trend of the geek-glasses: from those emo-hipster librarian glasses to chemistry-science-lab-experimenting-like google glasses!!  Taking the hot nerd look to the extreme.  It works well on some of the petite, well-dressed ladies, but if you’re not cool enough then don’t even try.

Last night I was also at Milk Studios, but I went up to the 8th floor this time which is the place to be!  With drinks (Arizona Iced TeaBustelo Coffee!) and food being served (Fish tacos!  Rice and collared greens and macaroni salad!), I almost didn’t want to go to the Bryant Park tents!!

… Almost.