Venexiana is one of the shows that I look forward to most each season!!  This time last year was the first time I was introduced to the line, and the magnificent dresses have stuck with me since then, and into the Spring 2010 season.

Kati Stern stunned me this time for her Fall/Winter 2010 Collection yet again!  She always picks a great print that recurs throughout the show, and this time it was a black-and-white blurry brushstroke print.  The print was great by itself already, but she also paired it with some floral black-and-white prints for additional femininity.  Not that there was a lack of female detailing with huge bows, sequins and sparkles and sheen.

Venexiana has always used lace for her dresses and gowns, and so far in other shows this season I have seen it emerge even more prevalently.  I must say that I LOVE lace for it’s delicate intricacies and sexy exoticism – but done wrong, the effects can be devastating.  Beware!

The hairstyling was a little questionable, as it reminds me of some Teletubby characters, but I was too blown away by all of the lovely dresses to really care.  Since the show was for Fall fashion, and appropriate since it was dipping below freezing today, the huge fur coats made me jealous that I didn’t have one.

I would love an occasion to wear one of her overly pouffy gorgeous gowns, but I would certainly be happy with one of the various shimmering gold sheath gleaming dresses for my next cocktail party!


Photos courtesy of Getty Images, via Coutorture.com.



Feb 12th - Venexiana