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Agent Provocateur
is the (unofficial) sponsor of Valentine’s Day!

(Warning! Some photos NSFW!)

On Saturday, February 13th, conveniently the day before Valentine’s Day, the Agent Provocateur store in Soho – along with all of the AP stores worldwide! – hosted a special shopping event for those looking to get lucky on this big romantic weekend!  Teaming up with Armand de Brignac, aka the “Ace of Spades,” aka the #1 champagne in the world, the AP store lured guests with the promise of sexy lingerie to spice up your love life.

Walking down Mercer Street, you can already tell you’re nearing the store with the pink gleam emitting onto the streets.  In the window display, a live model posed seductively amid ornaments simulating bubbles and seemed to get even more sultry with each camera flash.  I walked in and was immediately in awe of all the beautiful and sexy lingerie hanging from the displays.

The front of the store housed most of the accessories, like patterned hosiery, perfumes and lotions, and sequined nipple tassels (only $70!), but towards the back of the store were the feather-topped slippers, platform pumps, and the thigh-high leather boots.

Towards the middle of the store, there were a few mannequins displaying some of the different outfits, and store associates were dressed in their bubble-gum pink nurse outfits helping customers find their sizes and styles.  One you selected your outfit, your were taken to the back of the store with the dressing rooms.  Friends were okay to enter behind the curtains, but they had a strict no-men policy.  Whether to enforce a no-sex-in-the-dressing-rooms policy or to keep creepsters away, it’s definitely a good rule for the store to abide by.

Flutes of Armand de Brignac champagne were brought out to guests milling about the store, and I admired the glistening gold bottles on display.  It’s no lie that Armand is the #1 champagne in the world!  It graces your taste buds so smoothly, with a great balance of sweetness to not overpower the delicate flavor.  If a host is ever serving Armand, you know you’re in the presence of luxury and class.

There was even a camera crew filming a special, giving their viewing top picks for sexy V-Day ideas.  Leaving the store, I overhead a pack of girls talking excitedly about the event.  One shouted on the phone, “Yeah!  The store is in Soho, it’s called something-something Provocative, you can’t miss it!”

An honest mistake, but a silly one, nevertheless.


Agent Provocateur
133 Mercer Street

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