2.14.2010 - Betsey Johnson Backstage (8)


With more behind the scene and runway images!

Runway images via Style.com; additional backstage photos via NKPR.


Yesterday we were behind the scenes covering the Gary Graham show, and on Valentine’s Day we went backstage for the Betsey Johnson show!

Since her signature color is a loud bright pink, it’s only appropriate that her show is on Valentine’s Day.  Even at 7:00 pm, the time set on the invitation, the downstairs dressing room area was still aroar with chaos: last minute make-up  and hair touches, models squirming into their outfits, passing out accessories and props, and photo opps, of course.  Courtesy of FIJI Water, I snuck in with the rest of the reporters and photographers to get the scoop on the show.

While all that was going on behind the scenes, Betsey herself was cheerfully giving interviews and talking to reporters.  She even mooned us!  … or rather, just showed off her bum with the purple sequined heart.  That must have been the theme of the night, because the models showed us a preview of the dance they were going to do at the end of the show where they flip up their skirts to show us “LOVE” on their butts, one letter per model.  And the men of the show turned to show their butt-flaps on their onesies.

Around 7:15 pm, the majority of the make-up artists were relieved of their duties, except for one girl who rushed for an emergency touch-up.  The models all dressed and waiting on the stairwell to go upstairs towards the runway, the downstairs was a wasteland of discarded garments, cosmetics, props, and empty water bottles.

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The show, titled “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang,” was a playful theme of fashionable robbers, bandits, thieves, and all around tricksters.  The first model that took the stage was Kelly Osbourne, emerging with guns a-blazin’ (literally!) and a bandanna mask.  Others threw their hats and dollar bills from their money sacks at the audience.  Bowler hats were another theme on the runway, emulating the Charlie Chaplin era of the early 1900s.  Osbourne once again took the stage in a big white gown with a hat, cane, and… mustache!  Yes – Charlie Chaplin’s mustache.

Other themes included a prairie theme, where models strutted around with fake birds on their hands and hats, and men as prisoners carrying the trains of their female counterpart’s long capes.  The runway portion of the show ended with a tribute sign of “Long Live McQueen,” where everyone applauded in appreciation of his memory.

The show was incredibly theatrical and the audience was entertained at every second.  Getting the audience riled up and excited is the way to stand out and get your fans engaged!  In all her experience and wisdom in the industry, Betsey definitely has it all figured out.  She took her signature end-of-show cartwheel, with mustache and a black/white jailhouse jumpsuit, and her models followed her for their last walk carrying out huge inflatable red hearts that were toss to the audience like large beach balls.

With her great runway shows, funky fashion, and her carefree, young spirit, it’s no wonder that Betsey has such die-hard fans.  And we will never stop loving her.


(P.S.  Runway images to be added!)

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