Carlos Miele (16)

Sometimes the Fall/Winter season can be a bit depressing, with designers turning to drab, dark colors or overly bulky fabrics that weigh us down.

This was not the case for Carlos Miele who stunned us immediately with bright, flashy colors in slinky, form-fitting dresses.  A mix of reds, pinks, and purples made a great splash across the runway, along with a brilliant cobalt blue and bold prints.  Even the black and white garments were unique in the design of the embroidery, or differentiated with texture.

The collection was already so stunning that the hair and make-up remained simple and clean.  Miele uses lines in seams, print patterns, zippers, and fabric folds created interesting curves and shapes on the models’ forms.


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Carlos Miele (2)

Carlos Miele (21)