Nedret Taciroglu  Fall 2010 (6)

The Nemrut Mountain, the world’s eighth wonder, is the inspiration for Turkish designer Nedret Taciroglu’s Fall 2010 collection. Pointed hats are the main theme of her designs and they evoke “the historical statues located at the top of the majestic Nemrut Mountain.”   In terms of Turkish culture, Taciroglu’s hats  are a feminized version of the male head gear known as the fez.

Since Turkish culture is really Greek to me, I of course viewed the show in terms of American popular culture vernacular.  So to me, pointed hats bring to mind the Saturday Night Live skit about the Conehead family, extraterrestrials who hail from the planet Remulak. Even though Remulak and Coneheads mean more to me than Nemrut and fezes, the show successfully transcended cultural differences. Due to striking color juxtapositions such as the vibrant red and purple combinations which opened the show, Taciroglu is a brilliant Turkish Mad Hatter.

The hats also resembled empty bullet shell casings.  While looking at thectailored male business suit jackets presented without sleeves, I wondered if Taciroglu was purposefully at once figuratively shooting down and literally deconstructing the sartorial symbol of patriarchal power.

The short shimmering silver dress worn with purple tights stole the show.  Ditto for a similar one sleeved silver dress set off by black boots.  Talk about bling! The tight long black gowns were at once striking and Morticia-esque.

I love the Coneheads. I love Morticia. I loved this show which, even though it was culturally alien, managed to transcend national differences to speak to me in terms of beloved American popular culture.

P.S.  The models were not painfully thin; while thinking about Coneheads and Morticia, I was glad that the women in front of me did not appear too thin to be really human.  The fact that the models were willing to pose with the audience after the show added a nice personal touch to a wonderful fashion experience.

– Marleen

Photos by Bob Nittoli via Flickr.

Nedret Taciroglu  Fall 2010 (1)