Odyn Vovk Preview (1)

Three Fold Path is the name of the Odyn Vovk Fall collection for 2010. Austin Sherbanenko combined structure with comfort this season.  I’ve heard the Odyn Vovk name before but wasn’t sure what to expect, so this was a treat!

Odyn Vovk gathered at a hip location space on Crosby Street at what’s considered late night for a fashion show.  Models walked an informal runway up the stairs and paraded through the crowd on a makeshift runway on the second floor.  The color palette consisted of grey, and blacks. Menswear included textures in leather, cashmere. What I’m seeing a lot this year for men is flowing unstructured looks.

Odyn Vovk did not disappoint.  A poncho-like garment called a “snuggler” for men is part of his line. Clean and textured the Warp Snuggler zips up looking almost monk like.  I like my man monk!  Leather vests jackets, hoodies also prevailed.

The collection is uses draped silhouettes that function with the wearer.  The men wore slicked down hair and pale graphic make up was the look throughout.

The average male would not wear Odyn Vovk but that’s what is great about the line – It is not for the average guy.


Runway photos via Frillr.com.  Preview lookbook images of Tony Ward photographed by Kurt Mangum, via The Fashionisto.

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