Vassilios Kostetsos (15)

Greek designer Vassilios Kostetsos held his Fall 2011 collection in the Salon last night at Bryant Park.  Calling his collection “Eros Anikate Mahan,” Kostetsos found inspiration from Sophocles’ 442 BC drama, “Antigony.”

His designs all stem from the phrase, “love unconquered in the battle.” Red fabrics were used to symbolize love and passion, while black colored pieces represent the death of Antigone’s brother. Kostetsos chose bronze as a key color because of its alikeness to weapons used in battle.  Leather added to the harsh undertones of war.

Vassilios put considerable thought into his newest collection, leaving no detail unnoticed.  Inspired by the god of Love, this theme is vividly printed on skin-colored materials, handbags, tights, gloves, and other accessories.  His draping technique used on evening dresses is comparable to that of modern sculptures.

Designing clothes for both men and women, Kostetsos demonstrated his unique vision behind this collection.  Like many shows this season, there was an element of futuristic styled garments in bright metallics.  Despite this, his bold color and fabric combinations are unique to his aesthetic.

Not every look is wearable off the runway, but his show was certainly memorable.  The audience remained completely enthralled by Vassilios’ shoulder detailing on dresses and jackets and by his sexy sheer tops and dominatrix leather outfits.

– Megan Eileen McDonough

Photos by Getty Images via Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Vassilios Kostetsos (12)