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Adam Lippes’ held his ADAM Fall/Winter 2010 collection Saturday in the Promenade tent at Bryant Park.  Having missed the designer’s presentation last season at Milk Studios, I was eager to see what he had created over the past months.  With thirty-six completed looks, I was not left disappointed.

Inspired by Isca Greenfield-Sanders’ painting from her play “Against The Fall,” Lippes began visualizing his new collection.  Her picture was of a parachute jumper descending through dark, opaque panels.  He greatly appreciated her experimentation with color, texture, and line, and thus incorporated these aspects into his sketches.

Lippes showcased a variety of fabrics and colors that drew attention to his detailed construction technique.  I loved his pairing of thick wool scarves and sweaters with lighter chiffon pieces.  A few highlights included a leather pleated black tank dress, cashmere knit jodhpur, cotton poncho, and metallic painted hand knit cable shrug.  Architectural lines emphasized his modern design approach. 

With so many different looks being introduced into his collection, Lippes managed to tie everything together.  He presented dark neutral outfits, some lighter colored garments, and then a strong combination of the two.  Gradually, new textures smoothly transitioned into his line.  His method of layering contrasting textures looked effortless as models paraded down the runway in their Manolo Blahnik heels.

– Megan Eileen McDonough


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