Katie Gallagher Fall 2010 (7)


Katie Gallagher presented her new collection at the trendy Soho Grand downtown.  Twenty models each stood on small square tiles in a long row between the hotel’s bar and lounge areas.

Things were a bit chaotic with hotel guests having no idea there was a fashion show about to commence.  As the models began walking to their assigned spots, a group of unsuspecting businessmen sitting nearby immediately turned red in the face.

With nobody knowing if this was a runway show or presentation until the models emerged from backstage, guests awkwardly struggled to move around the small space and take pictures.  Despite feeling somewhat claustrophobic by the whole situation, I was rather impressed to see the models remain unflustered.

Katie calls her collection “The Heart of the Woods and What I Found There.” With slow, creepy music playing in the background, I felt as if I slipped into her creative world for an hour.  The presentation provided guests a more personal setting to view her clothes.

Half of Gallagher’s models were dressed in all black clothing, with a mixture of paired thick and thin fabrics in each look.  The second half featured lighter fabrics and colors.  Leather, leggings, and oversized jackets were staples in her collection.

I really appreciate Gallagher’s design aesthetic and her creative way of approaching rocker-like fashion.  With wild, crazy hair and bright-colored eye-makeup worn on her models, every detail worked together to complete this collection.

– Megan Eileen McDonough


Photos via Refinery29.
For additional photos: by Phillip C Kim, via Flickr.

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