2.17.2010 - EMU Australia (1)

During my lunch break this afternoon, I went over to the EMU Australia presentation at Stage 37.  Presented by Style360, where the Bebe Kardashians Launch runway show was, it was a nice and casual atmosphere, as reflected by the apparel and footwear of EMU.

The girls were standing on the runway posing in their EMU boots.  Along with heavy knit sweaters and scarves.  Along with vests, jackets, and hats.  Under, like, 5,000,000-watt lighting.  I can’t imagine how hot and toasty they must have been!  I would be shvitzing like crazy, but the models continued to smile and pose for the photographers walking around.

I’m not a huge fan of the “ugly boot” trend going on, like so many who despise Uggs.  I actually don’t mind the hideousness of the boots, as they are kinda cute-ugly (like bulldogs!) and they are, indeed, very very comfortable with the fuzziness caressing your feet.  However, I am opposed to them because of how expensive they are!  The cheapest adult Ugg boots I could find are $140 and upward, and $200 for freakin’ moccasins, which is an awful lot to pay to look not good.

But EMUs are slightly more reasonably priced – Endless.com has them starting from $50-60, with cute, taller boots starting at around $80.  Of course, added bows, ties, buttons, and additional detailing can bring the prices up, but now that winter is (hopefully) ending soon, stick to the basics till next season.  EMUs are made of 100% Australian water resistant sheepskin, with a sheepskin-lined insole for arch support, so that you’ll stay super warm and comfy trekking around the cold.

One model on the runway had a cute striped pair that looked extra comfy:

2.17.2010 - EMU Australia (7)

In addition to the models wearing the apparel and boots, there was more footwear displayed off to the side.  One in particular caught my anttention because it was bright red with eyes and ADORABLE!!

2.17.2010 - EMU Australia (12)

Yes, these lady bug boots are for kids, but I don’t care because they are SO CUTE!!  I definitely need a pair of my own, so you little kids in the mall better not take my size.