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It’s easy to fall into stereotypical thinking when it comes to something as fair weather as Fashion.  An industry that historically values appearance and exclusivity over all else, would not at first glance, be a place one might expect to find a fur-clad, snake-skinned conscience.

Thus, “eco-fashion” is a term swallowed with a large grain of (sea) salt.  The expectation is something either futuristic, catering to what the naysayers view as the science-fiction-like idealism behind a greener planet, or, by contrast, something utterly “granola”/flower child and blatantly unfashionably-forward.  The Deux fm and House of Organic shows proved that Eco-fashion can be as fashionable, cutting edge, and exquisitely beautiful as any other line.

The brainchild of Nova Scotia based designer, Anna Gilkerson, Deux fm’s show was a nod to retro-style of the 1930’s-1950’s.  The whimsical ensembles complete with hair and make-up that had the modern vs. retro look of Bladerunner, strolled, rather than strutted, down the runway to the crooning music of the era.  The innovative designs featured beautiful gathered draping from the back, lengthening the already swan-like backs and necks of the models, giving them a timeless elegance.

The clothes were so endowed with a bygone-era grace, that it was easy to forget the crowning achievement: all garments are produced locally and domestically under fair labor practices and using materials that are also local and environmentally friendly, or recycled.

House of Organic, as its name implies, is a group of young innovators who only organic materials (with the exception of a few vintage items).  Though the show incorporated the designs of 7 individuals, the overall effect was a complete and seamless integration of the different designers.

Ranging from more-edgy techno-punk style, to long, flowing, stone-colored dresses, it was nice to see a range of style all devoted to the marriage of high-fashion and sustainability.  The incorporation of Tod Soderin’s woven, crocheted and knitted accessories was an exciting highlight, and featured on many of the pieces.

Take-aways included Weleda natural skin care samples, Sambazon Acai beverages, and even a Smockshop make your own smock pattern.

In between shows, I was lucky enough to meet up with the real estate agent in charge of the Village Green, and got to scope out the new-to-the-market Triplex Penthouse of the building (talk about living lush and green!).

All apartments feature energy saving appliances, environmentally friendly materials, as well as a communal serenity lounge space (adjacent to the in-house spa) that incorporates wellness practices like aromatherapy, art and meditation.  Until the future tenants move in around mid-April, the lounge will be open to the public, featuring Art exhibitions and “Eco-Mixers.” Check back on the SS site for more information on those events.

– Ava Fedorov

Gallery photos by Ava Fedorov.  For more images from the GreenShows, visit Goodlifer via Flickr.

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