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Naeem Khan took metalics to the extreme during his show last night at Bryant Park.  I found myself uttering the Rachel Zoe-coined phrase, “on another level” after each of his thirty looks.

The first half of the show consisted of black pants, dresses, and blazers all heavily adorned with brightly colored metallic sequins.  Tall hair, fur trimmings, and layered jeweled necklaces completed each look.  Several beige garments smoothly worked their way into Khan’s edgy-meets-feminine line.

The second half of the collection showcased a variety of form-fitting white and ivory gowns layered under fur vests.  Models transformed into ice queens of the runway as they fiercely floated their way down the catwalk.  The hard and soft fabric combinations were thought-out and well chosen.

With gold and silver making up such a large portion of Khan‘s color-palette, I felt that I could easily have been at the Grammy’s.  Not only can these designs be worn at the award show, they quite resemble the actual awards given to winners.  This must take the term
“trophy wife” to another level.

Blasting through the speakers was a lively mix of rock music.  Although I am a fashion writer by night, my main passion in life is music.  Working at a rock record label here in New York City, I found myself singing along while tapping my foot to the beat.

The audience clearly felt bedazzled by Khan’s creations as he received a warm standing ovation at the conclusion of his show.

– Megan Eileen McDonough

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