New York based designer Susan Woo presented her highly anticipated 3rd collection on during Fashion Week at The Bryant Park Hotel.

Good friends, socialite Olivia Palermo and Cinema Society’s Andrew Saffir celebrated the new and very wearable looks, which comprised of  organic materials as well as accompanied by vegetable tanned leather accessories.  Drawing from Medieval inspiration, the key 18 looks were shown in an earthy  palette consisting of dark green, brown, scarlet red, navy blue and blacks and whites.

The eco friendly designer selected natural fabrics such as alpaca wool, for a fur like texture, organic cotton jersey, and silk crepe for her “glamorous, sexy and female warriors”. Each layer serves a unique purpose: comfort, sensuality, practicality and protection.

About Susan Woo

Susan Woo was born and raised in New York, the fashion capital of the world. Growing up surrounded by the creativity and pulse of the fashion industry, Woo cultivated her strong opinions and style from an early age. She aims to create beautiful clothing that reflects a woman’s lifestyle in addition to her personal style.

Susan Woo offers a full range of ready‐to‐wear for the modern, chic and professional woman, with options for both day and evening.  Susan Woo’s brand philosophy represents the modern way of living and dressing:  blending high design with both environmental and social consciousness.  She believes that being a socially responsible company means more than just using organic fabrics.

While all of the fabrics used are 100% all natural and sustainable (and includes organic wool, cottons and cashmeres), they are also sourced from companies that have a strong environmental commitment. Extra steps are taken to ensure that her everyday operations are environmentally conscious and energyefficient as possible. Finally, she ensures that all of her garments are produced using fair labor practices. Woo’s mission is to show the most discerning fashionista that being “environmental” means creating the highest quality product.

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