Mar 1st - Martini Week kick-off


We joined Tasting Table and Thrillist for the kick-off of Martini Week! From now until March 14th, tons of your favorite hot spots are mixing it strong!

The kick-off event was held at Madam Genevawhich I learned that I had to go through the sister restaurant, Double Crown, and mosey my way to the back lounge.  This took me about 10 minutes of trying to open locked doors to realize, but then I got the hint and finally read the signs.

Upon entering, I was given 2 martini drinks tickets along with their sample menu for their pre-fixe menu especially tailored for Martini Week.  For $35, the same pre-fixe price as Restaurant Week, there was a list of great dishes to try! 

But I was focused on my mission for a martini, so I tried their one of their signature coctails, the Europa Martini made with Bombay Sapphire Gin mixed with some delicious fruitiness!  Their second option Grey Goose martini was akin to a mudslide, thick and creamy, a delicious dessert to end the night.  I had to cut myself off early for fear of getting to wasted on a Monday night.

I met Katharine of NYC Recession Diary with her guest Katherine, and Kristina of The Downtown Diaries, and we chatted as we enjoyed our deliciously strong drinks.  We got our photos snapped from photographers Nick of Random Night Out and Suneel Norton from Guest of a Guest

And of course, we couldn’t end the night without thanking the wonderful people of Thrillist and Tasting Table for the invitation to a great kick-off event.  We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for Martini Week!


For more photos, check out the gallery below, OR visit here for the Thrillist slideshow by Suneel Norton!

Thrillist Martini Week (8)

Martini Week

Martini Week 2010 is here!!

The two-week event runs from March 1 through March 14 at bars and restaurants across Manhattan (click here for the full list), where premium gin- and premium vodka-based drinks will be served at a special $10 price tag. To take advantage of the deal, imbibers only have to utter the secret password; thankfully, it’s easy to recall: “Martini Week.”

Each participating venue–including notable restaurants like Bobo, Oceana, Rayuela and Tabla–will create two distinctive cocktails for the occasion: one for premium gin lovers and one for premium vodka fans.