NY Wine Expo

The New York Wine Expo event is one that is not to be missed!!  And since it was last weekend, well, we’re sorry to say that you’ll have to wait until next year.

We had such a great time at the New York Wine Expo last year (Day 1 and Day 2) that we were thrilled to be invited once again to the 3rd annual expo at the Javits Convention Center.  Their motto of the weekend was: “Dont just enjoy wine – experience wine.” And that, we did!

Despite the snow and the gross weather, it was decided that blizzard be damned, we were going to enjoy our wine.  We learned how to swirl and sip different wines from around the globe.  All attendees were given a glass to carry around for the day, and though many buckets were out to dispose of the leftovers, the majority of us “tasters” would finish the glass.  It would be a shame to let any great wine go to waste!

From the classic wines from Europe’s France, Italy, and Germany, to across the Pacific Ocean to Australia and New Zealand, and to the exotic land of South America with Argentina and Chile, it was a night of indulging in overseas flavors.  Of course, let’s not forget our local tastes from New York, Oregon, and California.  A combination of more than 600 wines from 170 winemakers!

While you could sip wine at your own leisure, there were additional seminars led by a few noteworthy experts in the industry.  On both Friday and Saturday, a wine seminar was help for dummies like me titled, Wine 101 – a Fun-Filled Crash Course on Wine Basics. Speakers included Leslie Sbrocco, award-winning author of Adventures of a Thirsty Girl; Gloria Maroti Frazee of the Wine Spectator School; and Charlie Arturaola, renowned sommelier who pops up at some of the most famous wine festivals, like the Boston Wine Experience, NYC Wine Experience, the Slow Food’s Golden Glass Wine Competition in San Francisco, Jackson Hole Wine Auction, and the Aspen Food & Wine Classics.

Among our tasted and tested:  Oyster Bay is one of the popular choices that everyone knows and is a staple for every day wines.  Casa Valduga of Brazil and Esporao of Portugal, and Bodega Monteviejo were just a few of the many great choices!  And one unique vendors was the Underdog Wine Merchants, who find “hidden treasures in under-appreciated wines.”  Who would dare under appreciate wine?!  My friend bought “some awesome oil and vinegar blends from Napa,” but I refrained from getting anything for fear of returning back to my apartment with cases upon cases of wines stacked!

Check out the list of featured wine exhibitors and vineyards, and tell us which were you favorites!