Mar 16th - 1834 Grand Opening

March 16th was the Grand Opening Party for 1834 Bar & Burger, a new sports bar in the Financial District! 

I emerged from the subway station into what seemed like a barren, empty city.  The Financial District really shuts down past 6:00 pm when all the Wall Streeters flee, and with no one on the streets it seems like an entirely different city.  Fortunately, that made it easy to spot the huge line of people waiting to get into 1834.

It was completely packed, almost uncomfortably so,  and people were casually hanging out and chatting.  It’s a small space that could fit maybe about 25 to 35 people seated for to dine in.   I checked out their menu of the drinks and food that they had offered for the night and made my way to the crowded bar.  One tall, blond woman offered to order my drink for me, which I thought was unusually nice!  I ordered a Corona because I was told that they were out of champagne – but rumor was that they had champagne downstairs.

Wait – there’s a downstairs??  I rushed to find the stairs and, indeed, the downstairs area was about 4 times bigger with a huge bar extending down the length of the floor.  There were some low tables for lounge-like seating, and decent-sized room in the back that I presume would be used for more private parties. 

As with all events that have the promise of food, it turned out to be a quite chaotic food situation.  Hungry, greedy guests were literally chasing down the poor waitstaff and tackling them for their platters.  From the looks of it you’d think it was a scene from an orphanage depriving starving children of food. 

As soon as the tray of sliders was lowered, it would be gone within 14 seconds with grabby hands clawing at one another.  There was one old woman in her 50s/60s who grabbed two burgers in her grubby little fists, and then decided to throw the excess buns on the counter.  Mind your manners much?!  I was appalled, as was Danielle who said to her, “I think you left your bread here.”  She gave us a supremely dirty look, and then flicked the bun onto the floor. 

Really?!  There are still people like this out there??!

The promise of food is always a tricky one to manage.  Done correctly, you will have happily satiated guests who will rave about the high quality of the event.  But serving mass quantities of food in an already hectic setting is always a challenge.  Perhaps, as opposed to having trays passed by the struggling waitstaff, a station in which people serve themselves would prove to be better – but then you have to be readily prepared with lots of refills.  Food planning  is certainly every event producers’ worst nightmare, but a necessary evil.

All in all, it was a fun, casual party where we learned valuable lessons in proper manners and guest behavior, and I happily enjoyed my drinks.  It’s a great place for a casual meet-up if you’re looking for a place to lounge around downtown.  I’ll be back to get a real taste of the food and burgers, when there are less tragic guests around.

If you missed out on the opening celebrations, check out these other fun specials and events that they have going on for their Grand Opening Week!


1834 Bar & Burger
62 Pearl Street
Financial District
New York, NY

After reading the comment below, I realize that this is probably partially our own fault for circulating the event around, as we had a lot of much appreciated links because of it.  Apologies if this article sounds like a preachy lecture, which it is.  We love sharing the news of great events and will continue to do so, but there has got to be something said about people’s inexcusable behavior!