Mar 16th - The Electric Project

There was no better way to spend Tuesday the 16th than at the The Electric Project’s “Big City Life Dreams” video launch at the exclusive club atop Cipriani SoHo. It was the perfect combination of great music models, hipsters, and tables filled with premium Grey Goose vodka, Veuve Cliquot champagne and shots of tequila by spirit newbie Riazul.

I was expecting to see a bunch of sagging skinny jean wearing, face pierced, faux-hawked out grunge kids with black eye liner and nail polish who were The Electric Project, but instead I got an exuberant Cuban kid from the BX, not too stuck on himself, with a true passion for what he does.  This one-man band describes himself as the would be product if “Jimi Hendrix and Prince had a baby.”  A bold statement… yes. Does he back it up?… a double yes. 

While usually the highlight of new act debut parties tend to be the booze, I would have to say the pinacle of the night was the premiere of the video.  which showcased raw and raunchy images of NYC nightlife, that of course wouldn’t be complete without a lil’ girl on girl action.

In it, the uptown boy with downtown swag dons a leather vest and knitted cap and wears his guitar aka “his spouse” like a Miss America sash while soulfully singing his indie funk tune and making googly eyes with camera.  Oh yeah ladies, get prepared. 

Thankfully it didn’t have that amatuer, shot-on-my-iPhone type of look to it but more of a ready for play on MTV2 type of vibe.  It possessed a gritty and playful sexy spirit.  And once I realized the haziness was an actual effect done on purpose and not because of my blurred vision due to too much goose, I liked it even more.

Visually stimulated and feeling a little tipsy and remembering the dangerously steep staircase at the exit, I opted to head out.          

Big City Life Dreams is the first single off of The Electric Project’s mix tape “Love Grenades,” which drops May 1st, and will be ready for download via

– Jenaya