Thrillist St. Patty's Day (2)

Thrillist held a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Ainsworth, and what a bash it was!  Well, so it seems for the photos.

Unfortunately, I was stuck outside with the rest of the mob scene waiting in line.  I showed up at 6:45 pm, which I knew would be much too late since the party began at 4:00 pm.  Not as early as McSorley’s 8:00 am opening, but hey, we don’t all have Irish blood coursing through our veins.  But the ginormous line of people waiting to get in is just further proof that Thrillist knows how to throw awesome parties.

Because I was too unfashionably late, I didn’t want to cause an even bigger scene by trying to get my entourage of five people in.  I crossed paths with Katharine Ricci of NYC Recession Diary, who made appearances with some of the the lovely ladies of Thrillist in photos below.

Fortunately, fellow Socially Superlative writer Megan charmed her way in and had a great time!  Drinks by Bushmills, everyone’s favorite whiskey, were provided, along with riveting games of foosball!  And what’s St. Patty’s Day without a fiddler and jigs?!

Check out photos in the gallery by Thrillist, and click here for more!


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