Mar 19th - Imperfect New Museum

Last Friday, the New Museum teamed up with Powershovel/Superheadz (creators of the popular Digital Harinezumi camera) and Tokion Magazine, to bring together a “dream team” of internationally renowned video and film artists.  The one night only event featured videos displayed throughout the perimeters of the New Museum lobby, and showcased 15 never before seen “home movies” by such avant-garde celebrities as Jonas Mekas, Miranda July, Bruce La Bruce and Erroll Morris, as well as the multi-talented Kim Gordon, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Matt Amato, among many others.

The crowd that night was the crème de la crème of the stylishly disheveled/beautiful bohemian scene (despite the fact that they were herded in like live stock and packed so tightly together that it was almost impossible to sip the lovely Paul Goerg Rose Champagne—almost).  The only drawback of the tremendous turnout was that the crowd made it difficult to actually watch the videos, which, created to appear like Super 8 films, were displayed on tiny, 3.3 cm screens.  Hopefully, the New Museum will rerelease the films, either in their galleries or on the website, so that they can be fully watched and appropriately pondered.

The after party took place a few blocks away, at The Eldridge, the Lower East Side standby.  Continuing the night’s theme of packing beautiful people into tiny spaces and giving them plenty of liquor—the Absolut flowed freely, while the DJ was humbled by noisy chatter from the vibrant crowd.

– Ava Fedorov