Fund Art Now aspires to create a Renaissance within the arts community by using arts to change global consciousness. The organization wants to foster global dialogue to change the way humanity thinks of itself.  Simply stated the goal is to create community among artists. By me, I can boil this all down to Joan Rivers’ signature line: “Can we talk?”

So, I entered the Fund Art Now launch of its ten day celebration of art held at the Collective Hardware Gallery on Bowery with the intention of seeking good conversation. I chomped on some delicious pickled cauliflower, imbibed club soda (after the nice bar tender saved me from taking a vodka and tonic by mistake), and listened to the catchy piano music.

I was introduced to exhibiting artist Brian Reed, (Anton S. Kandinsky, and Zach Hyman also showed their work at the event) who described his perspective and offered a detailed explanation of his creative process.

Conversational mission accomplished. Brian Reed is engaging, brilliant, and just plain nice. I stood with him in front of his “Feeding the Gods Hearts” and he told me that the image involves pre-Columbian art, masks, and penises. (Maybe I should have opted for the vodka and tonic after all!) Perhaps I was missing something–but I really did not see any penises. I thought the picture resembled a colorful science fiction blob monster. Reed saw the logic of this interpretation.

I left the gallery with the hope that Fund Art Now succeeds in generating global arts conversation and knowing that I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation I had with a very talented artist.

– Marleen

Check out some great works by Brian Reed at: