Every famous and/or important Scottish person since the beginning of time (or to be precise, since Sean Connery) was represented at the 8th annual Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show aka “Men in Kilts” – at M2 Lounge on Monday, April 5th, 2010.

I had the pleasure of associating with an actual Scottish person named Libby. This was not her first rodeo and in a sea of Americans shouted, “Is anyone here Scottish?!”

In what apparently wasn’t a joke, folks participating in the evenings silent auction bid on the opportunity to have Sir Sean Connery’s famous voice for their answering machine recording (insert jokes here).

Mike Myers, a member of the Scotland Tourism Committee, opened the show, providing comical runway antics that reminded us why we love Mike Myers.  The star-studded runway also saw the likes of Joan Jett (2 words: feather mohawk), Al Roker, Alan Cumming (who pulled a candy bar out from under his kilt), Kellie Pickler, Marcus Schenkenberg (half naked and still very yummy), Matthew Modine (carrying a bicycle and a bottle of whisky), Kyle MacLaughlin, and Donald Trump, Jr. On the red carpet, but unfortunately not on the runway, was Nigel Barker.

Miss Scotland Katharine Brown Runway_Purple Gown

Insert dozens of prominent models, actors, athletes, wounded war veterans and extremely flexible hip hop dancers, wearing everything from traditional kilts to haute couture gowns and it was clear why the event is billed as the most prestigious Scottish fashion show in the world.  One would describe as a mix of fashion, live theatrics and a deeper knowledge of Kinloch Anderson.

Members of violin virtuoso troup Bowfire (The Alizma triplets meets Riverdance) provided cultural “half time” entertainment.

Clever product placement of the evening went to the model with an iPad (fashion accessory?), proudly displaying the Flag of Scotland as he walked the runway.  I know, right?  Yet another use of the darn thing.

Kilts, as it turns out, must be some sort of aphrodisiac, as models could not stop kissing and groping one another throughout the show.  In other news, I will be speaking to my travel agent asap.

Official flag of Scotland gift bags contained Scottish things including a box of Walkers Shortbread cookies – but, sadly, no whisky.

Ticket proceeds from Dressed to Kilt will benefit the Paralyzed Veterans of America and its Scottish equivalent, the Erskine Hospital of Scotland, along with the Wounded Warrior Project.

– Leslie Richin

Photos by Lloyd Bishop – check the gallery for all the photos from the red carpet to the runway!