Acura ZDX 2

Fashionable is a synonym for new. Other synonyms include youthful , original and modernistic.  These are also words that describe the conceptual collaboration between Acura’s creative ZDX model launch and artist Erik Madigan Heck. Acura’s seven city pop-up exhibition tour ended in New York City with an event held at the Chelsea Art Museum that rivaled those attended by the characters of Sex and the City – or at least celeb bloggers like Micah Jesse.

Upon arrival the event was at capacity, of course it would be, but the ladies of Fox Greenberg  PR gave continuous updates. Once inside I was quickly taken to the VP of Marketing, Susie Rossick. She gave me the lowdown on the ZDX four door sports coupe and their partnership with Heck.  “This car was designed by a 26 year old female, Michelle Christianson, right out of art school. What was amazing about it was when you design a car it goes through many redesigns, it can take up to 10 years. This car stayed true to the design.”

My favorite thing about the ZDX, aside form how amazingly sexy it looks, is the glass roof that goes all the way from front to rear. It’s pretty haute, if I do say so myself.

Erik Madigan Heck’s works makes the partnership between the artist and Acura a natural fit.  At just 26-years-old, he is already an established force in fine art and fashion photography, having shot the collections of the world’s finest designers including Valentino, Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and Helmut Lang.

The walls of the main room were covered by Heck’s artwork. What struck me was how very different the art looked. Most artists have a specific look, a style that defines their work. That’s what sets Heck’s work apart, his artwork changes based on the designer he’s working with.  “All the photographs were done over the last 3 years for different designers. When I work with a designer I look at their history and do a study of their work.  It’s very calculated. Every time I work with a designer it’s about what they want and how I can give them the most optimal study of their work through me. I may change my visual style but it’s still me.” His Comme des Garçons looks very different than the Gaultier.

Folks were also enjoying getting in and out of the ZDX. I must say it is a really beautifully designed car.  While I’m not sure how many folks will purchase the coupe, according to Rossick it has been getting folks into dealerships since the car’s launch in February. At the very least it is a Halo car and folks can admire its beauty.

Melissa Davis

Photos by Brian Ach of Wire Image.

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