As an avid bread lover, I was particularly excited about attending this event.  Held by Tastebuds NYC and Hot Bread Kitchen, a non-profit social enterprise meant for women and immigrants to preserve baking traditions, this sold out cook-off featured several dishes that incorporated either organic, non-GMO corn tortillas or granola.

Jimmy’s 43 provided a warm, down-to-earth atmosphere by providing people beers as they waited in line. Contestants were both industry and foodies alike so that provided a good variation of preparation styles and dishes. The audience had a vote along with the panel of expert judges – Nick Suarez and Theo Peck from The Food Experiments, Alexis Powell Grossman from Crop to Cup, and Katrina Schultz Richter from Hot Bread Kitchen.


Everyone quickly crammed into the backroom and I, with a camera in one hand and a plate on the other, joined in on the action. Every contestant seemed nervous, wondering when the judges would show and sample their food. I tried each dish from every booth; my mouth tasted a variety of flavors and textures, ranging from sweet mango topping to savory turkey-filled quesadillas, crunchy granola to soft creamy green peppers.


Some dishes were traditional like Chilaquiles Verdes and others were innovative like bite-sized tortillas with homemade yogurt, spinach, ramps, and marmalade. The winning chef received bragging rights and a goodie bag, completing an afternoon full of munching and tasting. This event provided a great opportunity for both household and restaurant chefs to showcase their skills and irresistible dishes, and foodies all over New York City experienced fun, community time.


Update: The judge’s pick was Ruth Manson with her Granola Banana Cake with Granola Nut Topping served with Cinnamon Nutmeg Glaze.  And the audience vote went to Sarah Brannen and Emily Kern who made Chipotle beef tacos with pickled onions and lime zest sour cream.