postabon screenshot

New Yorkers know how to live large, while still on the lookout for great deals and bargains.  Last week we were invited by the Postabon team to their media party to hear about their new community-generated coupon feed, highlighting deals by popularity and by neighborhood.

Maybe because I’m a cheap-ass, but I LOVE coupons!!  I already wait eagerly by my inbox for each daily deal from Groupon, and now there are a plethora of other such “group buying power” sites, including KGB Deals, Scoop St., Living Social, Buy With Me, The Dealist -even Lifebooker is in on it now, and there’s Yipit to consolidate all these deals in one place. And as you may know, we love specials deals from our dear friends at 8coupons who share with us all the great deals in this great city of ours while creating their own special events like their 88-cent Pop Burger deals.

With so many other deal and coupons sites popping up, we had to see what the fuss was about.  We joined other writers, bloggers, and deal-seekers, such as NYC Recession Diary, Chichi212, and Joonbug, among others, for some drinks at West 3rd Common where we got an insider’s preview to the Postabon site.

So with all these other sites out there, what is Postabon‘s edge?  Their map function is a bit better than the few others that I’ve come across – but the main striking factor is that is it highly community oriented: not only can you post your own deals, but you can vouch if another deal is legit and worth gunning for by “voting” on it.  The more deals you post or more deals you vote on, you earn “Karma points.”  With a label like that, you kinda have to do it out of the goodness of your heart, right?

Wrong. You do it to get stuff, obviously!  We still live in capitalist America and need incentive.  Once you become active member of the Postabon community and earn lots of Karma, you’ll be invited to attend exclusive Postabon events and get even more inside deals.  Exclusive events??  That all the enticement we need!

I have a feeling that I am going to become a neurotic, coupon-clipping, hoarding mother someday, and these deal websites are only perpetuating this horrible fate.  But in the meantime, I will sift through them all at my leisure and take advantage of all these great deals, fun events, and cheap food and drinks.