So it’s the evening after and I’m just getting ready to do this Cinco de Mayo recap.  Yes, it’s taken me a little bit of time to recover, but it was to be expected.


First stop of the night, I made my way to the Soho Grand Hotel‘s outdoor patio party at The Yard where they were serving $5 margaritas, Tecate beer, and quesadillas and tacos from 5 to 10 pm.  Excellent!  The weather couldn’t have been better – not too hot, not yet chilly, just perfect with a cold marg in hand.  Always known for throwing great events with fabulous people, Soho Grand is the place to be and be seen. 

The only drawback was that they had only TWO bartenders staffed pouring out dozens of margarita orders at a time.  The two gents, though extremely stressed out, were super cute in matching striped shirts, trying to be as friendly as possible while getting orders shouted at them.  The bar-backs and manager were even helping out, pre-mixing the juices and getting cups, straws, limes, and ice – but alas, there was still a massive crowd building up at the bar.  And they were serving the margaritas, which took maybe a minute to create each batch, for the same $5 price as a can of beer that takes about 1.5 seconds to open! 

That aside, I waited in line for 25 minutes and then took my drink to find a seat.  There was hip hop music playing at the front where the bar was, but the back area had a DJ playing salsa and dance music.  Apparently there were waitresses taking orders, but it was so packed that I couldn’t pick them out in the crowd, even though I was dying of hunger.  There was patio-type seating with lounge chairs, and the tables had sombreros for guests to wear.  That’s right – sombreros!  Yes, I was that jackass that was wearing the sombrero around all night and pissing people off with the brim in their faces. 

I went for my second and final round of drinks.  By 8:00 pm it was even more packed; they had run out of margarita mix, and used orange juice instead, but then they ran out of orange juice so they were on to pineapple juice.  Still tasty! 


Moseyed on over to Santos Party House for the 5 DE GALLO “Hyper Mexican” dance party.  I still am not really sure what this party was for, but nevertheless, it was pretty fun!  Upon entering, we were given glow-sticks!  The last time I saw glow-sticks was for a middle school dance, so it was a great added touch.  We were also given “Mexican candy,” which fell out of the wrapper in my purse leaving a gross, sticky residue.  Guh. 

The venue was surprisingly not packed.  Which for some people may signal an iffy party, but I take it as a great sign that there are more drinks for me.  For the open bar, they were serving Tecate and had a tequila bar with specialty drinks!  Some rando dude pulled me into a dark corner to dance.  Weird… BUT, he legitimately knew how to dance so it wasn’t as sketchy as it sounds.

Ok, so I just had to look up who sponsored the party, and it was for MEX and the City, a cultural website and blog created to promote the free thinking, enterprising, and artistic efforts of young creatives in New York City and for the Mexican culture.  Music for the night was by Uproot Andy & Geko Jones, Eskarioka, Estrellas de la Kumbia, and Los Rudos Del Norte

What lured me to the party was the promise of tacos, but as far as I could tell there were none to be found.  But that’s okay because we still had a great time hanging out and enjoyed the party.  I drowned my hunger in delicious margaritas, which brings us to…


Probably one of my favorite restaurants in all of New York is San Loco.  It’s a reach to classify it as a restaurant, but oh my lord, my heart sings whenever I think about their delicious ground beef nachos.  I am a disgusting human being and could probably polish off 2 or 3 orders by myself, but I try and keep it classy.


Soho Grand Hotel
310 West Broadway
between Grand and Canal

Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street
between Walker and White

San Loco
(various locations)
124 2nd Avenue
between St. Mark’s and 7th Street