Austrian Uncorked (2)

Despite being completely over-packed, the rooftop of 2 Desbrosses Street in Tribeca proved to be my personal highlight of the night. There is nothing quite like an amazing view atop the world’s most powerful city.  Add in a cool breeze, setting sun, and glass of white wine and this combination is a tough one to beat.

Before actually making it to the rooftop there was a slight hitch. Almost immediately after checking in with event reps and discovering that my name was nowhere on their list, I noticed my frustration being shared by many.  Several other attendees who had gone so far as to bring their printed receipts of purchase with them to the event also found their names mysteriously missing from this list.  After explaining that I did in fact have a purpose in being at their wine tasting, staff confusingly let me in.

Once inside the venue, I was greeted by beautifully decorated tables where venders from over 100 Austrian wineries and restaurants with New York City’s finest cuisine set up shop.  Participating restaurants include Wallsé, Gordon Ramsey at The London, Seasonal Restaurant, Aldea Restaurant, KLEE Brasserie, BLT Prime, 10 Downing Food & Wine, Telepan NY, Salumeria Rosi, Recette, 15 East Restaurant, and breads from Grandaisy Bakery.

Austrian Uncorked (3)

Proceeds from the event went towards benefitting GrowNYC’s “Learn It, Grow It, Eat It” program, a local education program which empowers teens to take control of their health through hands-on gardening, nutrition education, outreach, and managing a community farm-stand.

All in all, the night was a success and although I had a minor case of claustrophobia, meeting the vendors and drinking a wide variety of Austrian wines really did bring me back to the few days I spent in Salzburg.  Perhaps an unorthodox way of celebrating Cinco de Mayo but to each his own.

– Megan Eileen McDonough