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Guns. Are. Awesome.

Urban Girl Squad hosted their most recent event at the West Side Pistol Range in Chelsea, where a whole group of otherwise well-behaved ladies got to unleash their inner fury!  Armed with a .22-caliber rifle and 50 bullets, we each got turns to show off our sharp-shooting skills – but not until after a short safety training session, of course!

We first gathered around in a classroom with student desks as we listened to our NRA-certified tattooed instructor (who was slightly hard of hearing, presumably from decades of being around loud-firing guns) and learned all the tips and tricks of how to properly handle, use, load, and fire our rifle.  Now, I don’t condone gun-totting lunatics running around with pistols, rifles, or any such weapon that shoots projectiles at people – so let’s not get into any political views about our second amendment right to bear arms, but emphasizing gun safety is highly important!

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All attendees had to go through a background check, and the 43-year-old institution is the only operation in Manhattan to have both a classroom and shooting range at the same location.  Allegedly, no accidents have been reported in the range’s history, so that’s certainly a good sign!

I attended the event on Thursday, but the first session on Tuesday was featured in NBC, where they quoted some of the girls that attended and Amanda elaborated on Urban Girl Squad a great event to feature indeed!

Check out www.urbangirlsquad.com and sign up to get updates on their upcoming events!


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About Urban Girl Squad

Amanda Hofman established Urban Girl Squad, a community-based social group for women in their 20s and 30s in New York City, in February 2008. Urban Girl Squad creates opportunities for these women to try new things, spend time with friends, and meet new people.

Our events include food and wine tastings, beauty and fashion nights, dance and fitness classes, sports events, cocktail parties, volunteer events, and more. We provide special, discounted access to the city — you’ll meet store owners and designers, taste gourmet food and drinks, receive personal attention from popular venues, and score some amazing gift bags. The welcoming atmosphere at our events makes it easy for members to attend on their own or with friends!

Come on your own or bring friends and meet amazing New York women while participating in the once in a lifetime invigorating experience of rifle shooting! Space is limited, so purchase your ticket today!

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