Over the weekend, we took a trip down memory lane and went back to PROM!  But no, I am not dating a high schooler. 

Joonbug and Fashion Indie joined forces to re-create prom night at Espace, complete with great throw-back music, dancing, and a phoot shoot for those fabulous group shots or awkward couple poses.  Only this time, we didn’t have to sneak in flasks (or make alcohol-filled water balloon bras), as we could enjoy the open bar at our leisure.

The night brought great music, fashion, and the great New York nighlife scenesters to the dance floor.  While everyone dressed to impress, some people dressed up for shock value as stereotypical high school scharacters: there was a self-declared prom king and queen couple complete with their winning sashes; the too-cool-for-school depressed goths; grungy rock stars with mohawks, tattoos and piercings;  ninjas and geishas in colorful garb; glamed hippies;  emaciated hipsters weighed down by messy hair and eyeshadow; and cutsy fashionistas along side the 80s backpack toting nerds.  To top it off, there were cheerleaders on the premise doing jumps and cheers, posing with guests and bringing on the energy and enthusiasm.  (Did anyone check their IDs?)

The night started off with great throw-backs from all decades, my favorite being the 90s era of boy bands.  Hilarious dancing ensued, of course, but the climax of the evening was when the Kylie Minogue version of The Loco-Motion came one that resulted in forming a cheesy congo line where everyone grabbed ahold of random strangers and hopped around on the dance floor.  There was even the signature “slow dance” song where everyone replicated middle-school awkward dancing… but one song was enough and the night resumed with bumpin’ and grindin’ (do kids still say that nowadays?).

The venue, normally a blank canvas for event planners to do what they will, was transformed into a neon-lighted nightclub. Notables in attendance included: fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, Paul Iacono of MTV’s The Hard Times, Jared Eng of JustJared.com, High Society’s Devorah Rose, Rescue Me’s Callie Thorne, celebrity blogger Micah Jesse, nightlife expert Sally Shan, DJ Linsay Luv, and Brittany Mendenhall of Chichi212 and Joonbug.

Check out more photos in our gallery below courtesy of Joonbug, or for more, visit here!

With the fashion and nightlife scene so closely intertwined, it’s no doubt that the Prom event between Joonbug and Fashion Indie was a great success!  Ticket sales benefitted the Society of Independent Fashion Journalists (SIFJ). SIFJ is dedicated to the advancement of independent journalists, photographers, and bloggers in the fashion industry. Their mission is to extend the reach of international fashion, style and beauty coverage through the support of their members.

We may be getting older, but we will never be too old for prom.