A Culinary Feast, of Sorts.

If you were part of the horde of people who descended on Tribeca this past Saturday, then you know how great (and how disappointing) the food was. However, the food and festivities aren’t really the point at the Taste of Tribeca – it’s the fundraising in support of the arts programs at public elementary school’s 150 and 234 that really matters. Hats off to all the event staff, coordinators, and supporters!

For those who didn’t attend, the way the taste works is you buy either a general taste ticket for $40-45, a premium taste ticket for $175, or pay $750 for six people and a reserved table.  A general taste ticket allowed you to taste 6 menus from over 60 restaurants; whereas, a premium taste or reserved table allowed you the same but you also got to relax and enjoy the sun while a food runner frantically took care of the rest.

I’m certain there were many great restaurant menus that I didn’t get to try but for starters, let me tell you the ones that I would go out of my for: Duane Park, Billy’s Bakery, Tribeca Treats, and Industria Argentina. To elaborate, let me leave you with this… and be mindful that I only visited eight tables:

Best Entree: Duane Park
Despite having to use a potato chip as a spoon, their crawfish remoulade was the perfect fusion of flavors that may just make me stop by soon.

Best Dessert: Billy’s Bakery, with Tribeca Treats was a close second
Billy’s had the most amazing chocolate-chip cookie sandwich with vanilla cream and I’m sure the rest of their menu is worth writing home about too.
I actually went back to Tribeca Treats twice for their cupcakes which are available for $2 every day – not bad at all.

Most Healthy Meal: Muscle Maker Grill
It would be difficult to eat out at a place healthier than this.

Best Value: Walker’s Restaurant and Bar
This was the best 30 minute wait that resulted in an enormous pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and watermelon.

Most Disappointing: Tokyo Bay and less-so Blaue Gans
Tokyo Bay offered up the most uninspiring, bland, and poorly crafted hand roll that I’ve ever had; Blaue Gans simply left me thinking there must be more to their menu.

Let me end by thanking the individuals at the Muscle Maker Grill, who were handing out food toward the end of the day, and to the nice individual who couldn’t find six places to eat and gave us their tickets with one taste left!

See you at the Taste of Tribeca next year,

– M.C.