We’ve been hearing about tons of events being hosted at the Hudson Terrace recently, but Taco Tuesday piqued my curiosity with the prospect of cheap tacos.  Well, $3 for a taco isn’t exactly cheap, but for a plushy place like Hudson Terrace, it is.

It’s a weekly event (on Tuesdays, duh), each time featuring different people/brands/companies that make an appearance to raise money for charity.  Last week was Elle Magazine and Chris Benz, and this week was Betsey Johnson and her Betsey Babes, all clad in different outfits made of the same purple printed fabric.  How adorably matchy!  And there were so many of them, and not many of them were really doing much other than taking up valuable space as it got more and more crowded.

A few of the girls were holding up signs, and apparently they were raising money with a “kissing booth.”  It was $5 for a kiss on the cheek and $20 for a kiss on the lips.  (Couldn’t this be considered a mild form of prostitution…?)  Anyway, the girls were cute, so I’m sure they raised plenty of funds!

The event is held on the rooftop when it’s beautiful weather like it was, but presumably they would move it inside if it rains.  Taco and drink specials run throughout the night, so the bar was constantly PACKED.  (You’d think that after a few weeks of this, they’d learn to staff more people, but I guess they’re not into being efficient and raising more money.)  The event drew a large crowd with no one willing to leave, so that’s a mark of an event’s success.

Would I return?  Probably not, but it was fun and entertaining enough, and certainly fit for the scene-y types.

From the initial flier, it looks like they have a pretty solid line-up for the next couple of weeks (Hugo Boss vs. Club Monaco, MTV vs. FourSquare, Glacaeu vs. The Orchard, Stuart Weitzman vs. PMK/BNC, Isaac Mizrahi, and Lacoste ) so check it out for yourself!


Hudson Terrace
621 W. 46th Street