Earlier this week I got the opportunity to stuff my face with New York City’s best lobster rolls!  And what an awesomely great opportunity it was!  Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Claw-Off was a great way to kick off the summer mood with the taste of beachside lobster in belly.

9 8 of the city’s top lobster rolls will compete for the title of “Fan Favorite.”  All of the rolls in the running have been highly publicized, whether it’s a well-renowned restaurant or if they specialize in lobster rolls.  Here were the delicious contenders:

BLT Fish

Ditch Plains
Ed’s Chowder House

Fishtail by David Burke
Luke’s Lobster
Lure Fishbar
Red Hook Lobster Pound
The Mermaid Oyster Bar

Some lobster rolls had different, unique sauces mixed into the mayo and juices (Ed’s Chowder House, Ditch Plains, Fishtail); some added extra ingredients that complemented the lobster (Lure Fishbar, with their BLT lobster roll); and some just served it straight up with super subtle, but incredibly delicious, hints of great flavor.  Is that a touch of Old Bay I taste??

Oh, and one notable lobster roll maker not part of the competition crashed the party: Dr. Claw, the underground lobster roll dude that sketchily hands out lobster rolls from his Greenpoint apartment, strutted in with smooshed foil-wrapped lobster rolls, a boombox, and a posse of ladies.  Not at all understanding who he was, I thought that he was handing out poisoned rolls to jeopardize the results of the claw-off.

Until I asked him, WTF is this, who the -F- are you?! (Not really, I’m a very nice person.)  After learning that he was Dr. Claw and that I was in the presence of the lobster roll mob leader, I relinquished my seat to him and ducked out of his line of sight.  I had stashed the damn roll in my purse, which was not a great idea in retrospect.  I found later when it had leaked butter everywhere, all over everything.  But it was totally worth it because it was delicious!

To prevent ODing on lobster, other sponsors were there to switch it up.  Brooklyn Brine had an endless supply of their pickles on hand, along with Deep River chips, Hendrick’s Gin, Heineken,   Maine Root & Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies.  MMM PIE.

The event was held at the Ramscale Penthouse on the West Side Highway with a breaktaking view of the Hudson River and of the NYC skyline.  And to top it off, there was a hilarious guy in a lobster suit – you know, to keep things classy:


P.S. Congratulations to Luke’s Lobster for capturing the most Fan Favorite votes!