It’s been a crazy week, on top of still recovering last weekend from our trip to Miami with Hotel Thrillist!

Thrillist invited over 150 social influencers, media folk, VIP guests, and a few lucky sweepstakes winners for an unforgettable weekend in Miami!!  We had the honor of being invited to this weekend-long bash at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach and had endless fun under the hot, hot Miami sun.  Breaking it down for you one day at at time.

Arriving at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, we were greeted by an enthusiastic Thrillist employee, Mike, who escorted us an a handful of people to our shuttle to the hotel.  I’ve heard of the ballerness of the Fontainebleau hotel before, but to experience it first hand is definitely mind-boggling.  The hotel has 4 towers, so the ground floor lobbies connecting all of the buildings was ginormous and beautiful.  We stayed in the Versaille tower at one end of the hotel, which took about a solid 10 minutes to walk to the other end of the hotel where the opening reception was held.  In between, the resort houses four renowned restaurants, a cafe filled with delicious pastries and cakes, an awesome lobby bar, a swanky spa, and of course a massive poolside area with about 8 different pools surrounded by cabanas and the hot staff to cater to your every need.

The festivities kicked off with a poolside party.  Unfortunately, I arrived a little later in the afternoon and missed the glorious sun, but made it just in time for the hurricane.  Rain started pouring down and the party was moved to the terrace of Scarpetta.  But that didn’t stop the party!  The drinking continued on, with plenty to go around from sponsors Bacardi Torched Cherry and Corona. One guy decided to stick it to Mother Nature and ran around in the thunderstorm in his bright blue speedo, turning the lawn into his own personal Slip ‘N Slide.

I decided to take a siesta before the evening and went up to my awesome room.  The rooms are simply decorated, artistically and modern, tempting me with their $10 bottles of Voss water, $12 bag of nuts and chocolates, and extensive mini bar.  And each room is equipped with an iMac in the room!   The beds are probably the most comfortable beds I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping in.  I even tried to find out what brand the mattress is, but after unwrapping the 5 layers of super soft sheets, I couldn’t get to the mattress itself.  Why all the secrecy, Fontainebleau?!

I reluctantly got out of my bed to make it to the “Miami Spice Cocktail Party” where all the Hotel Thrillist guests got to mix and mingle.  Everyone was meeting each other and awkwardly fun introductions were made.  At one point, I turned around to see a super tall guy and I thought to myself, “He kinda looks like he should be famous… Turns out, it was J. Cole, an up-and-coming rap star from North Carolina and is now part of Jay-Z’s crew.  He made his way around the crowd, shaking hands and taking photos, and we actually had the chance to hear him perform later in the night.

I was eagerly waiting for dinner, and right when scheduled the doors opened up to a massive ballroom with the food set up for us by four of the hotel’s restaurants: Scarpetta, Hakkasan, Gotham Steak, and SoloScarpetta served up some Italian dishes: super intensely flavored duck and foie gras ravioli, tuna susci, braised short ribs, and creamy polenta.  Gotham Steak had a variety in their spread, with mini crab cakes, tuna tartar, beef tenderloin, and spicy creamed corn.

My unexpected favorite was Hakkasan, with their shumai, tea smoked pork ribs, incredibly tender steamed sea bass and soya bean.  Even their shrimp and garlic fried rice, a pretty simple staple in Chinese food, was incredibly flavorful with the rice cooked to soft perfection.  Dessert was provided by Solo with a huge array of chocolates and truffles, mini cupcakes, freshly made banana crepes, and homemade marshmallows.  I tried everything that each of the restaurants served and stuffed myself completely.

During dinner, we enjoyed great music from live performances byAngela Laino and Suenalo where the band featured a conch trumpet, which started the night of dancing.  We then relocated to LIV, the nightclub conveniently inside the hotel.  At the club’s opening at 11:00 pm, the lobby was already packed with people lining up to get in, and it was a mob more ridiculous than any that I’ve ever seen for a club in New York!  There was no rhyme or reason to the “line” to get people inside, and I have no idea what kind of system they were using to get people in.

Fortunately, Thrillister had VIP access to the club, so it was just a matter of pushing through the crowd to get to the front so that the bouncers could even see me. 

[The good thing about being short is that it’s pretty easy to maneuver through a crowd – but once you stop moving, you’re pretty screwed with people towering over you and getting elbows to the face.]  Once in LIV, we got to mosey over to our special Thrillist section of the club and saw performances by DJ Soul, DJ Ruckus, and J. Cole.

Oh right, I should tell you about the awesome swag bag we got upon checking in: Shades from Stunner of the Month, a sunglasses subscription club; Boom Boom Energy, shit that you inhale (legally?) through your nose; Bacon Hot Sauce, which everyone risked taking in their carry-on and fortunately the TSA failed to do their job properly; an Original Penguin shirt, that I had to trade my XXXS size for a regular human size; stuff from Kosher Ham (what an adorable logo); J. Cole‘s CD; a week trial to Equinox; and a whole mess of other stuff clearly necessary for vacationing, like a frisbee, shaving kit, sunglasses chain, and toys from Kid Robot.

After this tough day, we stumbled back into our room and called it a night, prepping ourselves for the following jam-packed day of more Hotel Thrillist activities.  Check out the gallery below for photos, and click here for even more photos by Thrillist, and stay tuned for Day 2.