Drizzy brings chaos to the Seaport, but NO concert.

Last Tuesday, Paper Magazine presented the “Sounds like Paper” free concert at the South Street Seaport featuring Drake, Hanson and Ninjasonik. Approximately 20,000 spectators turned out for the performance (more than twice of what was expected) on the day Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later dropped.

Getting to the check in area alone was a challenge. Young fans were everywhere, and once I noticed some were atop of buildings, I quickly realized this was going to be an interesting experience. I have seen Drake perform in the past, he is very lively on stage and his songs, fun and classic, hiphop that is.

On this day, I didn’t expect anything less. However, chaos soon escalated once people started to riot over the possibility of the concert being cancelled. Fans were throwing bottles and other objects in protest. Deemed “unsafe” by the police department, this quickly became a reality.

Not wanting to staying and see what was to come next, I quickly left. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how this turnout was a surprise to organizers, especially, since Drake is the BIGGEST thing to happen to Hip Hop since Biggie. Either way, I look forward to the next time, minus the riots.

– Flo