If Carrie Bradshaw had a really ghetto twin sister, she would have been on the guest list of the Global Fashion Brands Rooftop Launch, which took place on the first of the month upon the beautiful rooftop deck of the Hudson Terrace

The launch was replete with arrogant bouncers, struggling fashionistas and tasty rum cocktails, courtesy of Puerto Rican rum producer Don Q.  For some reason a lot of people, including myself, were expecting a full-out fashion show, which would seem likely at the launch of a company that provides digital “Look Book” services for retailers and stylists, but to no avail.  Aside from the sad flyers being ignored on the “reserved” tables, event signage was completely lacking, and I forgot after five minutes exactly what I was there to review. 

I stumbled upon (after three rum and diets) a lovely promoter by the name of Veronica, who was touting the liquor that I had to assume was sponsoring the event, and we spent the next 15 minutes counting the number of gladiator heels and frumpy Seven jeans that walked by.  Again, I had to remind myself that I was at an “exclusive” party, and not in Filene’s Basement circa 2008. 


Regaining consciousness, I decided to ask a few well-dressed ladies at the roped-off reserved tables what they were here for, and they appeared to be just as clueless as me.  I complimented them on their (replica) Louis Vuittons, and decided to head to the DJ booth, giving him a nod in acknowledgement of the sick old school R&B tunes being blasted on that gorgeous summer day. 

The venue itself solely redeemed the unorganized affair.  Against the backdrop of the Hudson River, I was pretty much content with the free rum as I attempted to discern the fashion designers from the regular folk.  Aside from a few glimpses of haute couture, I wasn’t very impressed by the crowd’s collective closet.  And Carrie would probably agree.

– Ron